Your Guide Bruce

Bruce with mentor Pa.
Bruce with mentor and former guide Pa
Kakerori bird Rarotonga
Karerori bird - Only 500 left in Rarotonga and Atiu

Kia Orana! My name is Bruce Goldsworthy and I’ll be your guide. I’m so glad that the borders are open again as we finally get to take guests for moutain hikes and nature walks  which I Really Love doing.

I’m a local Cook Islander born and raised here in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. I have a family of my own and have taken them up the treks on the island many times which I love doing.

I’ve been taking people up the mountain for many years now and learnt from my mentor Pa about the Cross Island Trek and I’ve learnt a great deal from him over the years. As Pa has retired from taking people up on hikes I’m continuing on his legacy to do the Cross Island walk with people.

We here in the Cook Islands have a unique environment. And due to man made influences we have tipped that fragile balance. Our native birds have diminished to only a few left. The kiore or rat is responsible for the decline to our native birds. So we feel that it is in our best interest to do conservation work on the treks we maintain and guide. With your help a portion of our revenue is dedicated to conservation. We also welcome your support whether it be baits, traps, expert information we are open to all.
We at Maunga Tours thank you for your help and support for the betterment of our native, unique and raw species of Flora and Fauna.  

I look forward to meeting you here in Rarotonga and if we go hiking I’m sure we will have a great time. It does matter young or old you are but if you are fit and able you can make it to the top.

So if you are keen to do a hike with me, please contact me via the booking page or contact page here on the website.

Kia Orana and Kia Manuia